Reading Unit 1
Week 1 Rocket to the Moon Decide if a word is a synonym, antonym, or homonym.
  Field Trip Take a school field trip by unscrambling the synonyms.
  Cows Context Clues Read each sentence and answer the questions.
  Quiz on Types of Sentences After each sentence, select the option that best describes that sentence.
  Characters Choose a character and write a story using the story starter.
Week 2 Walk the Plank Compound Word Game
  Sink or Swim Find the Subjects and Predicates in the sentences.
  Setting Thumbs Choose a setting and write a story using the words at the bottom of the page.
Week 3 Homograph Game Select the possible meanings of the given word.
  Compare and Contrast Web Quest This is a web quest.  Groups will need to be made before starting.
  Sentence Combining Skills Read the lesson and complete the quizzes.
Week 4 Summarizing To determine the implied main idea by summarizing the details in one sentence.
  Summarizing Quiz Summarize as you read.
Week 5 Cause and Effect Matching Correctly match each cause with the effect.
  What Caused It? Be a detective while you read.  Look for the cause and effect sentences.
  Cause and Effect Choose the correct answers from a list of choices.
  Fragments and Run-ons Run on sentence quiz.
  Run-on Sentences Run-ons and Comma Splices
  Repairing Run-ons After each run-on sentence select the remedy that would best repair that sentence.
  Synonyms Fourteen activities to help students learn about synonyms.
Reading Unit 2
Week 1 Eye on Idioms Complete the sentence by selecting the correct idiom from the list.
  Inference Battleship

Make the correct inference with the information provided before your enemy sinks your battleship(s)!

  Noun Sort Sort the nouns into categories.
  Compound Word Practice Twenty-one compound word teaching tools and practice games.
Week 2 Context Clues Millionaire Choose the correct word to replace the underlined word in each sentence.
  What's the Main Idea Answer questions about small reading passages.
  The Plural Girls Twin sisters Pearl and Flora lost their friends in the bubble machine. Help them get their friends out by choosing the correct plural form of the given word.
  Plural Fishing Game Go fishing to practice your plural spelling rules.
Week 3 Inflectional Endings

Choose the correct inflectional ending of the words to best fit the sentence. Re-read your answer before checking your answer. Remember the rules!

  Finding the Main Idea

The main idea sentence of a paragraph tells what the paragraph is about. The other sentences are details. Read the story and find the main idea.

  Plural Noun Hangman Guess the letters in a hidden word or phrase.
Week 4 Super Problem Solver Pick the best solution to the problems.
  Suffixes Fish Tank Enter in word parts correctly to make a fish tank full of brightly colored fish.
  Possessive Nouns Correctly type the possessive forms of the nouns.
Week 5 Awesome Analogies

Figure out why the first pair of words go together so that you can finish the second word pair. For example, "Cat is to MEOW as dog is to ______.(bark)

  Inferences Battleship

Make the correct inference with the information provided before your enemy sinks your battleship(s)!

  Plural Quiz

TIP! Make sure you answer every question. Don't be afraid - just have a go!

Reading Unit 3
Week 1 Construct a Word Combine letters to complete the list.
  Drawing Conclusions Drawing conclusions practice.
  PowerPoint on Action Verbs Great teaching resource.
Week 2 Fact or Opinion? Take this online quiz about fact and opinion.
  Speed Word Spell the verb correctly in the given form.
Week 3 Fact or Opinion? Determine whether the phrase is a fact or an opinion.
  Rooting out Words Help Remainder the Dog gather enough mushrooms to sell at the market by uncovering the roots of words.
  Helping Verb Millionaire

This game is set up like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Choose the correct helping verb(s) for each sentence. You may use the "hints" to help you.

Week 4 Linking Verb Quiz Select the answer and click submit.
  Compare and Contrast Map Use this tool to write a compare and contrast essay.
Week 5 Synonym Wack a Word Select the synonyms for each word.
  Analogy Jeopardy Answer the analogy questions correctly to earn points.
  Drawing Conclusions Answer the questions about a passage.
Reading Unit 4
Week 1 Homophone Quiz Make sure you answer every question. Don't be afraid - just have a go!
  Homophone Song Watch this music video about homophones.
  Pronoun and Antecedent Agreement Take this quiz about pronoun and antecedent agreement.
  Elements of a Story Explore different elements that go into making a good story.
Week 2 Word Master Use the context clues in the sentence to find the word that fills in the blank.
  Author's Purpose Battleship Answer questions about the purpose of writing to sink your opponent's ships. 
  Subject and Object Pronoun Quiz Go through the lesson and see how well you do on the quiz.
Week 3 Short Circuit
Maggie needs help fixing a short circuit in her computer, and she needs your help.  By linking the prefixes and suffixes to their meaning, you can really help her out.
  Pronoun/Verb PowerPoint Use this PowerPoint Presentation to help teach pronoun-verb agreement.
  Making a Generalization! Print out this activity, or answer the questions while reading online.
Week 4 Possessive Pronoun Quiz See what you know about possessive pronouns by taking this quiz.
  Word Confusion Select the correct word that fits in the blank.
  Word Find Find the words in the puzzle that end in cher and zher.
Week 5 Author's Purpose Quiz Identify an author's purpose in the paragraph.
  Contraction Matching Match the contraction to the correct two word answer.
  Awesome Analogies Answer questions about analogies on this jeopardy style game.
Reading Unit 5
Week 1 Base Word Baseball Work on base words and root words while playing this game.
  My Secret Number Use the clues to find a solution to the problem.
  Sort it Out: G1 Sort the words by the sound the g makes.
  Adjectives Quiz Take a quiz to see how well you understand Adjectives.
Week 2 It's Greek to Me Use the word origins to figure out what the word means.
  Article Quiz Answer the questions about which article to use.
  Different Spelling-Same Sound Choose the correct word shown in each picture.
Week 3 Cause and Effect Matching Match each Cause to its corresponding effect.
  Word Jungle Choose the word that matches its meaning.
  Adjectives that Compare Take this quiz to see how well you know how to use adjectives that compare.
Week 4 Guessing Vocabulary in Context Answer the questions to see if you can correctly guess the meaning of the word using context clues in the sentence.
  Comparing Adjectives Fill in the different forms of the adjectives.
  Understanding the Author's Point of View Read the selections and answer the questions about the author's purpose.
Week 5 Note Taker Use this tool to help you summarize information and put the information into note form.
  Roots and Prefixes Test your knowledge of the meanings of Latin and Greek roots and prefixes!
Reading Unit 6
Week 1 Making Cookies Put these steps in order to correctly make cookies.
  Homophone Match Match the two homophones together.
  Rats! Adverbs and Adjectives Place the words in the correct group.
Week 2 Dear Mrs. Parks Practice making judgments with this activity.
  Words with Multiple Meanings Answer the questions about multiple meaning words.
  Greek and Latin Roots Matching Match the Greek and Latin roots with their English meaning.
Week 3 Word Master Choose the difficult level.  Use the context clues around the blank to figure out what the missing word is.
  Types of Text Decide whether the text was written to persuade, inform, or entertain.
  Double Negative Quiz Take this quiz to see how well you understand the concept of double negatives.
Week 4 Prepositional Phrases Choose the correct answer for each sentence.
  Prepositional Quiz Identify prepositions in a list.
  Number Root Word Matching Match the root word with its English meaning.
Week 5 Washing a Car Put these steps in order to show how you wash a car.
  Sentence Combining Quiz Combine the sentences correctly.
  -ible and -able List Check out the list of words with these endings and the rules to these endings.




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