Reading Unit 1
Week 1 Compound Word Fun Over 15 different activities to teach compound words.
  Practice Setting Now is your chance to pretend you are a director!  Listed below are a few hints from different stories.  Try to figure out the setting of each of the stories or plays just by looking at the hints.
  Test Tutor Think about the characters, setting, and plot of a story.  Answer the questions.
  Sentence Clubhouse Select correct sentence type and apply correct end marks in this game.
  Mix and Match Match the words with the same long or short vowel sound in this phonics game.
Week 2 Understanding Plot and Setting

Read the short story below.  Then read each sentence and decide if it is part of the setting, plot or theme.  Click on the word you think is correct.

Rags to Riches Choose the correct way to write the sentence.
End Punctuation Choose the correct end mark for the sentence.
Week 3 Main Idea Matching Match the question to the answer.
Simple Subject Type the subject of each sentence.
Long A Words Select the words with the long a sound.
  Word Meaning Learning how to guess words you don't know is an important skill. Nobody wants to look every word up in a dictionary! If you learn how to guess the unfamiliar words in sentences, then you won't have to read with your dictionary open all the time!
Week 4 Homograph Jeopardy Two definitions are given for the same word. You have to guess which word is being described.
Reading Detective Read each paragraph carefully. Decide what it is the main idea.
  Simple Predicates Indicate whether the following underlined part of sentences is the predicate.
Long O Find the words with the long o sound.
Week 5 Multiple Meaning Finder

Multiple meaning words are ones with more than one definition. In this activity you will be asked to find the word given two common meanings.

  Putting Sentence Together

Can you spot the joining words and choose the best joining words to put sentences together?

Long I Find the words with the long i sound.
Reading Unit 2
Week 1 Antonym Match Drag the words on the right to where they belong.
  Antonyms When you see the word that is an antonym of the given word, click on the button at the bottom left of the screen.
Antonym Frogs Practice with antonyms.
  Summarize as you Read Answer questions that summarize a small passage.
Noun Dunk Determine whether nouns are common or proper.
Rats! Determine whether nouns are common or proper.
Week 2 Fantasy/Reality Determine if the question is based in fantasy or reality.
  Homograph Jeopardy Two definitions are given for the same word. You have to guess which word is being described.
  Plural -s or -es Get help on remembering the rules on how to change singular words to plural.
Irregular Plurals Drag the words on the right to where they belong.
Week 3 Plural Picture Quiz Write the correct plural form of each word in the box below the picture.
  Plural Tic Tac Toe Match the word to the correct ending.  This can be a two player game.
  Fact and Opinion Read the statements given and determine if they are facts or opinions.
Irregular Plural Nouns Click on "Continue with the exercises" at the bottom of the page.
Week 4 Summarize a trip Go on a trip of a lifetime! Listen to the audio and choose a method to plan your travel diary.  Summarize your trip.  You will have to have speakers for this activity.
  Possessive Nouns Quiz Possessive nouns can be confusing. Do you add 's or just ' to the word? That depends on whether the noun is singular or plural. For a singular noun, you add 's, and for a plural noun, you just add '.
Week 5 Author's Purpose Activities On this site you will find activities, games, and teaching ideas.
  Simple and Compound Sentences Take a quiz about how to correctly write sentences.
Context Clues

READ the sentence, CHOOSE the answer, and get your score instantly!

Reading Unit 3
Week 1 Synonyms Challenge Identify the correct synonyms in a race against time.
Action Verb Quiz An action verb is a verb that tells what action someone or something is performing. Add the action verbs to the sentences.
Inference Quiz

Inferring means to take what you know and make a guess. Read the following situations and pick which answer you could infer.

Week 2 Comprehension Quiz Read a passage about Christopher Columbus and take a short quiz over what you read.
Create your own Scenario! Create your own play with characters, setting, and plot.
Verb Basketball Choose the correct word that goes in each sentence to shoot the basket.  If you are correct, you will score points.
Week 3 Cool Music Video Listen to all of the meanings of "cool".
Cause and Effect Flash Cards Match the possible causes to the effects.
Starship Answer all of the questions about past tense verbs correctly to blast off the rocket.
Week 4 Homophone Song Watch this music video about homophones.
Homophone Match Match the two homophones.
Verb Viper Choose the correct verb that matches the noun.
Week 5 Context Clues Use the context clues to determine the meaning of the bold face word.
Carve a Pumpkin Put the steps in order of how to carve a pumpkin.
Reading Unit 4
Week 1 Paint by Idiom Idioms add color to language. Help's grand master, Salvabear Dali, finish his paintings by identifying the correct expression.
Compare and Contrast Lesson Go through the online, interactive lesson to learn how to compare and contrast information.
2 Bee or Notoobee 2Bee and Queen Nottoobee need flowers to make honey. Help them find flowers by choosing the correct verb to complete the sentences.
Week 2 Multiple Meaning Word Finder In this activity you will be asked to find the word given two common meanings.
Show What You Know Draw conclusions to answer the questions.
Linking Verbs Quiz Take this quiz to see if you know what a linking verb is.
Week 3 Treasure Trove Contractions Select the key with the correct contraction to open the treasure chest.
Rags to Riches See what you know about Main and Helping Verbs while playing this game.
Punctuation Paintball Practice capital letters, end marks, commas, and quotation marks during this game.
Week 4 Types of Text 'Types of text' is a quiz based game to help you recognize different text types and why they are written in different ways.
Context Clues Quiz Take this quiz to see if you can use context clues to find the correct answers.
Irregular Verb Matching Find the pairs of present and past tense verbs.
Week 5 Contraction with is, not, and will Game Practice contractions with this game.
WayBack Look at predictions from the past and add your prediction about the future.  Take time to see what other kids have to say.
It's Your Choice Make prediction about what you read.
Reading Unit 5
Week 1 Compound Word Match Match the two words together to make a compound word.
Making Microwave Popcorn Do you know how to make popcorn?  Put these steps in order.
Pronoun Clubhouse Build a clubhouse by answer the questions correctly.
Week 2 Word Family Sort Work on these vowel families in this game.
Cause and Effect Matching Match each cause with its effect.
Fish 'Em Up! Decide which way is the correct way to and an inflected ending to a word.
Subject/Object Pronoun Quiz Answer the questions to see how well you understand subject/object pronouns.
Week 3 Fact or Opinion Decide if each sentence is a fact or opinion.
Possessive Pronoun Quiz Find the correctly written answer to each question.
Plural Hangman All of the base words have ended in a y.  Can you find the answers?
Week 4 Winnie the Pooch Make and confirm predictions while playing this game.
Context Clues Tutorial Practice your context clue skills.  Read over the tutorial and then click on the signs to answer questions.
Pronoun-Verb Agreement Quiz Read the sentences and click on the correct answer.
Week 5 Analogy Word Game Can you find the relationships between these words?
Contraction Words Match the contraction to the standard english.
Reading Unit 6
Week 1 Grammar Blast Pick out the adjectives in the sentences.
Word Master Use the context clues around the blank to figure out what the missing word is.
Power Point Presentation This presentation will help you decide when to use the correct /el/ ending when spelling words.
Week 2 Dear Mrs. Parks Practice making judgments with this activity.
Race to Ramses! Add the correct prefix to the base word.  Answer the questions correctly to beat the tomb raiders to the kings tomb.
Adjective Game Try to choose the correct word that is the adjective in the sentence.
Week 3 How do I get there? Use deductive reasoning to find solutions to the problems.
Word Invasion Use this game to practice parts of speech.
"er" Challange Play this Jeopardy like game.  All answers end in -er.
Week 4 Suffix -ful Quiz Correctly add -ful to the end of words.
Identifying the Author's Purpose Decide what the author's purpose is for each passage.
Adverb Movie Watch this movie to help you better understand what adverbs are.
Week 5 Multiple Meaning Practice Read each sentence. Decide which of the answers has the same meaning as the underlined word in the original sentence. Click on the correct answer. Click submit when you are finished. Your test will be graded for you!!!
Drawing Conclusions Quiz Read the following passage and answer the questions. You will need to use the information given to draw conclusions based on what you know.
Adjectives and Adverbs Millionaire Game Find the adjective and adverb in each sentence.


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