Reading Unit 1
Week 1 Test Tutor Think about the characters, setting, and plot to answer the questions.  Reading level is high.
  Book Cover Creator Create a cover for your story by illustrating the story elements.
  ABC Order Game Drag and sort the words in ABC order.
Week 2 Alphabetical Order Click on the words in ABC order.
  Verb Viper Make sure you go over game with students and set the game on slow.
Week 3 Summarizing Activities Check these great teaching resources out for the teacher.
  Word Family Sort Drag and Sort the words in the family they belong to.  Print your answers.
Week 4 Long Vowel Match the word to the picture.
Week 5 Making Predictions Make some predictions and you can find out what the mystery item is.
  Predictions Story Do this interactive story together as a class.
Reading Unit 2
Week 1 Context Clues Do this activity together as a class.
  Short /u/ Sound This is a matching game.
Week 2 Sequence the Story Put the story in the right order.
  The Tooth Taker Match the opposite words.
Week 3 Sequencing Word Order Put the words in order to make a sentence and help the monkey make a bridge.
  Homophone Song Watch this music video about homophones.
Week 4 Synonym Match Click on the word that has a similar meaning to the word on the unicorn's balloon.
  Making Inferences Smartboard activity to do together.
  Look, cover, write, check Select igh at the bottom of the page to practice spelling of igh words.
Week 5 Long o Sound Choose the correct vowel of the sound you hear.  Click on the speaker for directions.
  Read a book Choose a book to read online.  Click on the picture of the book to open it.
Reading Unit 3
Week 1 Y as a Vowel Watch the music video about how y can make the /e/ or /i/ sound.
  Cause and Effect PowerPoint Great teaching help.  Use this to introduce your lesson.
  Word Play Examples of Action Verbs
Week 2 Long Vowel Match Choose the long vowel game level.  Match the same vowel sounds.
  Pick It Choose the correct verb for the sentence.
Week 3 See 'N Spell: Digraphs Look at each picture. Click and drag the letters into the grey box to spell the word. Click on the Check Work Button to check your answer.
  Galaxy Grammar First click on maybe later at the bottom of the screen.  Then click on the verbs.
Week 4 Word Blender Select the word parts and blend them together.
Week 5 3 Letter Blends Connect letters to blends to make words.
  Flippy the Fish Help the fish get through the maze by answering cause and effect questions.
  The Magic Key Can you make sense of this sentence?
Reading Unit 4
Week 1 R Controlled Vowels Click on the correct picture of the word given.
  Alien Word Mine First, click on maybe later.  Then, click on the words that are verbs.
  Spot the Difference Compare and Contrast the two pictures to find the differences.
Week 2 R Controlled Vowels Sorting Sort the words into the correct basket.
  Helping Verbs Choose the helping verb in each sentence.
  Cause and Effect Do this activity together as a class.
Week 3 /ou/ diphthongs Click on the word that matches the picture.
  Forms of Be Take this quiz about the different forms of the verb be.
Week 4 Diagraphs oo Choose the correct word to complete each sentence.
  Picture Prediction Make a prediction about what the picture is going to be.
  Irregular Verb Matching Match the verb forms together.
Week 5 Make a Word Make a word to match the picture.
  Pie in the Face Make a correct inference and hit the duck in the face with a pie.
  Treasure Trove Click the correct key that will unlock the contraction treasure chest.
Reading Unit 5
Week 1 Balloon Pop Pop the balloons with pronouns in them.
  Bio Cube Summarize someone's life by answering the questions.  (Teachers will need to do one as a class together.  Information will have to be provided for the student.)
  Diphthong ou Click on the circle that names the picture.
Week 2 Colors, Shapes, and Size Find the solutions to the problems.
  Diphthong oy Click on the circle that names the picture.
  Treasure Hunt Answer the questions about the personal pronouns to look for treasure.
Week 3 Possessive Pronoun Quiz Answer these questions to see how well you understand possessive pronouns.
  What does the schwa sound mean? Students will identify words with the schwa sound and other vowel sounds.
  Find the Main Idea Read the paragraph and find the main idea.
Week 4 Story Scramble Put the story in the correct order.
  Pronoun-Verb Agreement Quiz Read the sentences and click on the correct answer.
  Silent Letter Invasion Choose the correct silent letter that you can not hear in the word.
Week 5 Compound Word Quiz Select the correct word to make a compound word.
  Sort it Out: G2 and S1 Sort out the word by the sounds the g and s sounds.
  Classify and Categorize Words Draw a line between the matching items in each column.
Reading Unit 6
Week 1 Pick It: Adjectives Find the adjective in the sentence.
  Binky's Fact and Opinion Follow the introduction and play the game.
  Adjective Detective Use the magnifying glass to find all of the adjectives in the sentences.
Week 2 The Rare Pear Tree Use the PRINTABLE activity to practice r controlled vowels like in air.
  Article Games Choose the article that goes with each noun.
  A or An Quiz Take this quiz to see if you know when to use a or an.
Week 3 Searching for Pearls Use the PRINTABLE activity to practice r controlled vowels like in Earth.
  Pick It - Adjectives Click on the adjective in each sentence.
  Pen Pals Read the passage, make judgments, and answer the questions.
Week 4 R Controlled Vowels Click on the words that name the pictures.
  Adverb Awareness Quiz Click on the adverb in the sentence.
  Adverb Quiz Find the adverb in each sentence.
Week 5 Ball Hogs Select your grade level and play the game.  How well do you know antonyms?
  The Hurt Bird Use the PRINTABLE activity to practice r controlled vowels.
  Synonym Toast Choose the words that are synonyms.



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