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Would you recommend Sunrise School add grades 9-12?

August 10, 2017

January 2018 BOE Meeting
-Discussion Item: A few more surveys have come back from the community. The main concern still seems to be raising taxes.
December 2017 BOE Meeting
-Discussion Item: High School
We will not make a decision at this time regarding moving forward with the high school. We will revisit the discussion at the January BOE meeting and try to set a date for another meeting in February or March.
TOWN HALL MEETING: December 14, 2017 at 7:15 p.m.
Topic: Possibility and Process of Adding Grades 9-12
Location: Sunrise School New Gym
The Sunrise School community has voiced interest in adding grades 9-12 at Sunrise. To evaluate the interest level in Sunrise adding grades 9-12 on campus, Sunrise Board of Education and administration are polling three tiers of population; staff, families, and community.

The staff was polled on October 16. Received 100% of surveys returned.

The families were polled on October 23. Received 100% of surveys returned.

Middle School students were polled on October 26. Received 100% of surveys returned.

Community surveys were mailed, with a prepaid postage return envelope, on November 7.

*We are seeking to receive 100% of community surveys, so please be diligent in returning the survey. This will ensure accurate community response.


The possibility of adding grades 9-12 at Sunrise would be a well-planned out and intentional process. Below are common questions, with answers, received through survey feedback and collaboration and research with Missouri Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE)


Q: How would Sunrise add grades 9-12?

A: This is a four year process, reclaiming one grade level per year. Each school year, one grade level at a time will stay at Sunrise. Thus, the first year, only 9th graders (former 8th graders at Sunrise) will stay at Sunrise. No students will ‘come back’ from other districts. Over four years, Sunrise will grow to having grades PK-12 on the Sunrise School Campus.


Q: Who can attend Sunrise High School?

A: Only Sunrise resident students may attend Sunrise. Just like other public schools, students attend their school of residency. There would not be a ‘choice’ in high schools (grades 9-12) for Sunrise students.


Q: Athletics/Activities

A: There are currently three options for Sunrise School to ensure athletics and activities are available to high school students; co-op all, Sunrise School host offered sports, or co-op/host. These options will be discussed further at a Town Hall Meeting if the decision is made to move further with the opportunity for a high school.


Q: Electives / Class Choice

A: Sunrise School will utilize 'distance learning' to address class offerings. A local technical school will be contracted with to offer Vocational Technical (Vo-Tech) options for high school students.


Q: How does Sunrise hire qualified high school teachers?

A: Teachers in the state of Missouri are certified to teach specific content areas and grade levels. All schools follow DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) educational certificate requirements.


Q: Where would student classrooms be located?

A: Eventually, more classrooms would have to be added on to the current school building. Possibly Year 2 of the growth process there would be a building addition. In Year 1, grades 7-9 would be middle school and sixth grade would be in the elementary rotation. Classroom locations would be adjusted, to be determined.


Q: How can Sunrise School financially afford to add grades 9-12?

A: Sunrise School currently pays $650,000 annually in tuition (students attending other grades 9-12). Staff and other student expenses would be paid for using this money through the general revenue fund.


Q: Won’t Sunrise be too small to add a high school?

A: Based on current DESE (Department of Elementary and Secondary Education) numbers, Sunrise would be in the 50th percentile within the state, for school size. Meaning, if Sunrise added grades 9-12, Sunrise would have a total of approximately 430 students and that size of school, for the state of Missouri, is in the middle, compared to all other district in Missouri.  


Q: A+ / Dual Credit Courses

A: Both of these are options for Sunrise School. Public schools must apply and meet certain standards in regards to qualifying for A+, Sunrise will apply to offer A+. Dual credit courses will be offered within the curriculum and diploma path.


Once more community surveys are returned, the Sunrise School Board of Education, will make decisions on how the district proceeds; option of adding a high school, timeline, finance details, staffing and more. Town hall meetings would become available if the school board decides to proceed with adding grades 9-12.


If at any time you have questions, please contact Sunrise School Superintendent, Dr. Armand Spurgin at 636-586-6660.



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