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July 24, 2016

    On Tuesday, July 19, 2016, the Sunrise R-IX School District Board of Education passed a resolution 6-0 urging support for the passage of Proposition B.E.A.M., a no tax increase bond measure, to raise $3,800,000 in order to:  1) construct a new multipurpose facility, six classrooms, and an outdoor learning center; 2) upgrade District security measures, in order to increase the safety of its students, staff, and guests; 3) complete essential repairs to the District’s sewer system; and 4) purchase additional buses.
    Proposition B.E.A.M. is on the ballot for August 2, 2016.  The Board strongly encourages all District patrons to vote “YES!” on Proposition B.E.A.M.  The Board considers passage of Proposition B.E.A.M. to be vital for the District’s ongoing prosperity, as it will allow the District to address a number of pressing concerns, without any increased cost to the District’s residents.  District Superintendent, Dr. Armand Spurgin, calls the passage of Proposition B.E.A.M. a “extremely high-priority need.”
    The Board believes the construction of the new multipurpose facility is necessary, as the current gymnasium, already over 40 years old, is inadequate for the District’s current needs.  The old gymnasium only provides seating for approximately 250 guests, has a tile floor, and has no locker room or shower facilities.  The proposed new multipurpose facility would provide seating for at least 500 guests, include a new wood floor, and provide locker and shower facilities, all of which would allow the District to host tournaments in the new multipurpose facility.
    Due to increase in student enrollment the Board considers the addition of six new classrooms necessary for ensuring the District’s students continue to obtain a high quality education.  Passing Proposition B.E.A.M. will create new classrooms, which are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, allowing all students access to each classroom in the building.  Funding from Proposition B.E.A.M. also will lead to the building of a new Science lab and Family and Consumer Sciences lab, which will greatly enhance students’ experiences during their science classes.
    The Board also supports the development of District land for the creation of an Outdoor Learning Center.  Voting “Yes!” on Proposition B.E.A.M. will allow the District to provide its students with a hands-on agricultural learning experience, which will be second to none in the region.  The land also will be partially developed to permit the Sunrise community to access outdoor trails, along with the Outdoor Learning Center.
    The Board takes seriously its obligations to do everything in its power to protect the District’s students, staff, and visitors.  Passing Proposition B.E.A.M. will allow the District to increase its safety protective measures by installing interior locking devices on all doors and installing security cameras.
    As many District patrons may know, the District has an ongoing sewer system repair project.  The extent of the damage to the sewer system and the need for additional repairs has increased the cost for completion of the project, beyond the initial estimates.  These repairs must be completed and passing Proposition B.E.A.M. will permit the District to finish the project without utilizing operating funds, which would impact the District’s ability to provide educational services to the students.
    Finally, the Board favors passing Proposition B.E.A.M. as it will allow the District to purchase additional buses.  These buses will alleviate strain on the District’s current fleet and allow the District to improve its transportation services for its students.
    The District’s tax rate already is nearly the lowest of all the public school districts in Jefferson County.  The Board approves passage of Proposition B.E.A.M. because it will allow the District to improve its facilities and services, without raising taxes on District residents.  Due to the District’s good fiscal management, it has saved over $1,000,000 in future interest expenses on its current bonds, which allows the District to extend its bonds without any increased cost to taxpayers.  The Board also considers now the right time for Proposition B.E.A.M., as interest rates are at historic lows, meaning the District’s repayment plan will likely cost less now than at any other point in the foreseeable future.
    If Proposition B.E.A.M. does not pass, the District’s ability to continue to provide high quality education to its students will be in jeopardy.  Needed upgrades and repairs to facilities will not be made, necessary safety measures will not be enacted, transportation services may be degraded, due to break downs in the District’s aging bus fleet, and the District will fall behind other public school districts in providing students with unique education opportunities.
    The Board strongly believes passing Proposition B.E.A.M. is in the District’s best interest for moving the District forward in a positive direction.  At no cost to taxpayers, it is a Win-Win for all.  Proposition B.E.A.M. is on the ballot for August 2, 2016.  Vote “YES!” on Proposition B.E.A.M. to support tax-free upgrades to the District’s facilities and services.
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WHEREAS, Proposition B.E.A.M., a no tax increase bond measure for upgrades and repairs to the Sunrise R-IX School District’s facilities and equipment, is on the ballot for August 2, 2016;

WHEREAS, the Board of Education of the Sunrise R-IX School District is in favor of the passage of Proposition B.E.A.M., and wishes to make known to the taxpayers of the Sunrise R-IX School District the reasons why the Board favors passage of Proposition B.E.A.M.; and

WHEREAS, the Board of Education has had drafted a Press Release, which sets out the reasons why the Board favors passage of Proposition B.E.A.M. and encourages taxpayers in the District to support Proposition B.E.A.M.

NOW, THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Board of Education of the Sunrise R-IX School District authorizes the Superintendent to issue the Press Release setting out the reasons for its support of Proposition B.E.A.M.

ADOPTED by the Board of Education of the Sunrise R-IX School District this ___ day of July, 2016.

                        Stacy Werner
                        President, Board of Education
                        Sunrise R-IX School District



                        Terri Klaus
                        Secretary, Board of Education
                        Sunrise R-IX School District



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